My name is Rodrigo Washington, I’m the founder and creative director of Animaholics and this is my story:

The Beginning – Brazil.

Since childhood, I have always been inspired by how art, science and technology could be combined to create amazing animation and visual effects for movies.

In my teenage years, besides many creative endeavours such as drawing, sculpting and model making, I pursued classes and different gigs were I could learn, explore and improve my artistic skills like painting, silkscreening, architectural drawing, computer programming and eventually, I started to work with traditional cell animation.

The animation experience led me to choose an advertising career and at college I had the opportunity to work in a production company that was just starting a computer graphics division, they had the hardware and software but no artists. At that time, there were no schools for CG in Brazil and it was rare for artists to be using computers for animation or effects. So, I was put in front of a PC computer with 3D Studio 1.0 and Animator Pro manuals (in English) and was told to start applying my skills. Suddenly, it all started to connect – drawing, sculpturing, designing, animating and storytelling were all possible in the computer. I was hooked. In a few months, they to started to offer animation services to their clients.

In 1995, after working In a few companies, I decided to create my own production company – Animaholics.  In a few years, Animaholics established itself as one of the major players in the creation of traditional 2D and 3D computer graphics in Brazil. Animaholics worked with a diversity of advertising agencies and production houses. I led a small team to create eye-catching and award winning TV commercials, broadcast design and corporate videos.

The New World – California.

After an inspiring visit to Los Angeles in 2002, I decided to expand my creative horizons beyond the local advertising market and moved with my wife to northern California.  This adventure brought me 8 years of successful experiences as a 3D artist, animation director, designer, CG and VFX supervisor in several companies were I worked on visual effects for movies and TV shows such as “Hurt Locker”, “Zombieland”, “Where the Wild Things Are”,” G.I. Joe” , “Sex drive”, ”House”, “My Name Is Earl”, “Castle”, “Weeds” and many others.
At this time, I also worked on game cinematics and several animations, product and medical simulations for clients like Zombie Games, Kaos Studios, Eidos, Boeing, Cisco, Genentech and others.

The Virtual World – La Jolla.

In 2010, my wife was approved for the Medical residence program at UCSD. So we moved to La Jolla, where I decided that was time to start a new chapter for Animaholics. I continue to working with clients I cherished throughout my career and to focus on a lean structure that utilizes the latest technologies of cloud computing, and accessing worldwide resources, talent and clients.

In the virtual production world, Animaholics is now prepared to expand quickly, and not be bound by geographical constraints. The new Animaholics virtual team? Is made up of the best artists to deliver amazing content within ever tougher expectations of our clients.

Animaholics’ quality of production was reflected in one of our first projects, the music video “Not Afraid” for Eminem which was nominated for Special Effects by the  2010 MTV Music Awards. More  than 20 VFX shots in the Eminem music video were produced by Animaholics which include virtual sets, matte paintings, and a full CG stunt double of Eminem flying around the city. The success of the Eminem clip landed Animaholics other music videos – The Black Eye Peas, Willow Smith and Ariana Grande.

Animaholics has also been busy working on many TV shows like “House, Justified, Off The Map, The River, Raising Hope and others. Animaholics collaborates with other VFX companies and continues to create product and medical visualizations, VFX for movies, TV commercials or any other media were animation and visual effects can help to tell our clients’ stories.

Some of Rodrigo’s credits:

(check Rodrigo Washington’s IMDB page for full list of movies and TV credits)